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To whom do these sanctions regulations apply?
All U.S. citizens and permanent residents wherever they are located, all people and organizations physically in the United States, and all branches and subsidiaries of U.S. organizations throughout the world.

What related guidance does OFAC have on these sanctions?
Sanctions Brochures
Overview of Sanctions PDF icon

Sanctions Guidance

Related to Remittance Forwarding Service Providers
A Notice Concerning Cuban Convertible Pesos PDF icon

Related to Licenses and Travel Transactions
Comprehensive Guidelines for License Applications to Engage in Travel- related Transactions Involving Cuba PDF icon
Prepaid Tourist Packages are Prohibited PDF icon
Cuba Family Visit Transaction Guidelines PDF icon
Clarification of Travel Licenses for Religious Activities PDF icon
Revocation of OFAC Specific Licenses To Engage in Travel-Related Transactions Incident to Visiting Close Relatives in Cuba PDF icon
Request a Specific License to Visit an Immediate Family Member
Cuban Remittance Affidavit Form (TD F90-22.52) PDF icon
Application for the Release of Blocked Funds PDF icon

Related to Travel Service Providers and the Travel Industry
Authorized Travel, Carrier, and Remittance Forwarding Service Providers PDF icon
Computerized Reservation Systems (Cuba Travel) PDF icon (April 16, 2002)
Guidance for Cuba Service Providers PDF icon
Summary of Travel, Carrier, and Remittance Forwarding Service Provider Program (Circular 2006)PDF icon

Related to trade and transport of Cuban origin goods
Cuban Cigar Update PDF icon

General Licenses

General License – Certain Travel-Related Transactions in Cuba Until 12:0l a.m. Eastern Daylight Time on August 1, 2004 PDF icon
General License for Publishing Activities: Amendment to (31 CFR 515.577) PDF icon
General License on Agricultural Exports to Cuba (Cash in Advance) PDF icon

Interpretative Guidance

Computerized Reservation Systems (Cuba Travel) PDF icon
Publishing Activities Involving Manuscripts from Sanctioned Countries (Iran, Cuba, Libya and Sudan)PDF icon
Publication Activities Performed by U.S. Newspapers (Cuba, Iran, Libya and Sudan)PDF icon
Index of Interpretative Guidance
enforcement icon What related guidance does OFAC have on its enforcement policies?
What is your OFAC Risk?
OFAC Risk Matrices (As of June 2005) PDF icon
How do I manage my OFAC risk as compared to Bank Secrecy Act expectations?
BSA/Anti-Money Laundering Examination Manual – Office of Foreign Assets Control (July 2006) PDF icon
How do OFAC’s actions and expectations intersect with the bank regulators?
Memorandum of Understanding between OFAC and the Federal Reserve, FDIC, NCUA, OCC & OTS PDF icon
What laws, rules and regulations provide the legal framework for the sanctions?
Capitol Building Icon Executive Orders
12854PDF icon (July 4, 1993)


TWEA, 50 USCS Sec 5PDF icon
CDA, 22 USCS Sec 6001PDF icon
Libertad Act, 22 USCS Sec 6021-6091PDF icon
AEDPA, 8 USCS Sec 1189PDF icon
Criminal Code, 18 USCS Sec 1001PDF icon
Criminal Code, 18 USC Sec. 3571PDF icon

Code of Federal Regulations

31 CFR Part 515
Amendments to Cuban Assets Control Regulations: 31 CFR part 515 (effective June 30, 2004) PDF icon

Federal Register Notices

66 FR 36683-01 PDF icon – Exports of Agricultural Products, Medicines, and Medical Devices to Cuba, Sudan, Libya, and Iran; Cuba Travel-Related Transactions
68 FR 14141-03 PDF icon – Amendments to Cuban Assets Control Regulations:
Legal Disclaimer:
This web page is explanatory only and does not have the force of law. The Executive Order and implementing regulations to be issued pertaining to Cuba contain the legally binding provisions governing the sanctions. This document does not supplement or modify the Executive Order or regulations from a legal perspective.