The Spanish-American War took place in the year 1898. The result was United States taking full control of the former colonies of Spain. These colonies were situated in the Caribbean and Pacific. However, United States suffered a major set back losing around 380 troops and more than 5,000 soldiers died because of a deadly out break of a disease. The result of the war was an independent Cuba in 1902.

As the end of the nineteenth century was approaching, Spain had only a few colonies in its possession in the pacific namely Africa and West Indies. Almost 80% of its colonies had gained independence by then and those left were beginning to fight against the rule of Spain. Guerrilla forces were operating in the Philippines against Spain. The Spanish government was lacking in financial resources or the army to fight against this insurgency and decided to forcibly empty the countryside and start filling the cities with concentration camps in Cuba. This was done to separate the rebels from their rural root of support.

These concentration camps became the deathbed of thousands of Cuban residents who died of starvation and disease in these extremely poor circumstances. According to the data, around, 200,000 people died in the so-called peaceful province of Cuba. The Spaniards were very cruel towards these people and carried out many death sentences of suspects who were rebels and harshly treated the people who had sympathy with them. As a result, slowly the Cuban rebels went against and raged a war against the Spanish troops, which led to the burning and destroying of the infrastructure, crops, tools, livestock, and anything else in the country. In other words, Cuba was set on fire.

Cuba soon got the attention of America when the atrocities of the ruling Spain got to its newspapers. There were stories about how people were tortured. All this was making a way for the US intervention. Humanitarian interests dominated the United States opinion. The United States army including the navy had outgrown considerably and been well reorganized for its strength and power but there was no opportunity for them to show their caliber. Cuba was the perfect place where they wanted to be, where they could prove themselves. This led to the US involvement and it drew a plan for attacking the Spanish in the Philippines over a year before hostilities broke out.

On 15 February 1898, a U.S. battleship Maine was blown up in Havana harbor, killing 266 men in mysterious circumstances. U.S. blamed Spain fir this, while Spain tried to defer from it. It even agreed on removing its forces from Cuba and offered Cuban autonomy but US was adamant. War broke out between America and Spain on 20 April.   The first battle was in Philippines where, the US defeated the Spanish in a couple of hours. On August 13, 1898, Manila was surrendered by Spain to the U.S. Army.

The war ended on August 12 with a formal peace treaty. On December 10, 1898, The Treaty of Paris was signed in. The United States acquired almost all of Spain’s colonies, including Guam, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico. Cuba was declared independent.