Sometimes it is easier to make arrangements and plans if you know exactly where you are going. What better way to do this than by looking at a map of your destination? This fully comprehensive Map of Cuba will show you the regions, towns, capital city, lakes, rivers and other useful information. Cuba is situated in the Caribbean Sea, just south of the State of Florida. It occupies a large portion of this land mass and as such is quite diverse – enjoying sun, beaches and mountains.

Using a map to orientate yourself can help a great deal. However, finding a map of the region or city that you intend to visit can be tough. Below you will find a list of maps that are available for your use. They focus on the bigger cities in Cuba and will hopefully be of some use to you and make your travels more enjoyable.

Below is a list of 3 country maps, and available maps for cities in Cuba. These maps of Cuba indicate rivers and borders.

Country Maps

Cuba (Political) and pdf format 
Cuba (Shaded Relief) and pdf format  
Cuba (Small Map)

City Maps

Ciego de Avila
Santiago de Cuba
Villa Clara